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We are excited you are visiting us. We are an apostolic training center and a triumphant reserve that's advancing the Kingdom of the Most High God.

We are a fire based station that will ignite and propel the children of Israel into their destiny that is filled with fire and demonstration of the power of Most High God while restoring your identity especially in the Hebraic roots.


Our mandate is to train, equip and teach the gospel of the kingdom while making disciples to transform the world. We teach the "how to" pull the promises out of the supernatural into the natural while fulfilling the purposes and plans God has for our life by operating Kingdom principles.

Yah, the Most High God,  is doing a new thing and we are moving with Him by equipping our sisters and brothers, the chosen seed, for the work of the ministry.  The mandate also emphasizes returning to our "Hebrew Roots" that reveals the African Americans and Hispanics true identity as the chosen people of The Most High God.  There are platforms that have been ordained to reveal and understand this covenant.  We are on Tuesday nights 5pm - 7pm on Gospel Radio Nation "The Awakening" and Thursday nights at 8pm Facebook Live "The Hebrew Way". 

By aligning with KBTC, you will learn how to walk in the supernatural the Hebrew Way, walk in that which Yah has called you, and how to maintain your deliverance. This freedom in the spirit will manifest signs, wonders and miracles as a normal way of life.

Many troops are being added to this mighty army at KBTC. We invite you to attend our different empowerment services. We teach and worship prophetically which brings forth revelation during these service times. It's exciting how the Great I Am downloads to His army His strategies that bring Him glory and gives us the victory.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again.

God bless you as you advance the Kingdom of Yah.



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The  Apostles

The 7th Month - (Ethanium) of the Hebrew Calendar

he month of Ephraim, the second son of Joseph. Be fruitful and multiply. See Genesis 49:22, “Joseph is a fruitful bough … his branches run over the wall.”  The “dearest” of months—because all sevens are dear to God, creating the most “satiated,” or “full” month. (We have worked through two “threes,” and are now at a new beginning.) Think, “fullness of God.” Think of His overflowing abundance and goodness.

November 3       5 am Prayer 

November 23      Project Love

December 6         Project Love

The  Staff

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